January 28, 2016

Reasons to Redesign Your Website


Website Redesign – Is it something you need?Website Redesign


There are several reasons why a website redesign is something you and your business should consider. This article covers those reasons in detail.


  1. Your current website’s design is outdated.

This is the most common reason, and visitors know right off the bat if a website is up to date or not, simply by the way that it looks. Websites with fuzzy images or links/images that don’t open, hard to read text, and outdated layout are often skipped right over as surfers of the web often automatically assume that the website is years old and will have outdated content and information or nothing valuable at all to offer. Think about it in real-life terms. If you see a dilapidated building on the street, with its sign barely hanging on and boarded up windows, are you likely to even go inside, or will you just keep going?

DigitalEffex / Virtual Key Solution: We will work with you and reference your current site and content to create a brand new design using the latest technology. Our approach is to build a new site that will last for years to come, and will be a viable replacement of your old and outdated website.


  1. Your current site is not secure due to outdated technology and viruses.

Many times, old sites have content that is not secure in the standards of web browsers. An old site might trigger red flags with browsers and virus protection programs. It’s not uncommon to try to access a site, and simply get a “page cannot be displayed” error, as the virus protection program in conjunction with the web browser will block all the website’s content from even being displayed at all.

DigitalEffex / Virtual Key Solution: While we focus on the design aspect of the site to make sure it looks current and great overall, we put the same amount of effort into making sure all aspects of the site are up to date with regard to security and technology. We even offer a website monitoring and maintenance service that includes constant site updates of security and technology to ensure all aspects of the site are up to current standards. This service also includes content updates, e-commerce management, and constant back up of site files and databases to make sure of no content loss.


  1. Not enough site visibility.

You may find yourself with a nice looking site, and it may even be functional, but you’re just not seeing any traffic. If your site is a few years old, a lack of traffic indicates that you’re not ranking high enough with the search engines. This could be caused by the fact that your site wasn’t built correctly, or that work might be needed on the content end of things.

DigitalEffex / Virtual Key Solution: All new sites that we build have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind from the start. We focus on the content and using good keywords within there and within Page and Post titles, as well as within images using titles, and alt text. Search Engines send robotic “spiders” to crawl sites to look for good clean content that uses keywords in strategic but ethical ways. We make sure to focus on this from the start of the design process, all the way to pushing the site live.


  1. Your website is not mobile friendly.

Many outdated websites are not designed to automatically resize and fit nicely onto the screen of a smart phone or tablet. The user will find him or herself having to zoom in to see parts of the site, when they really shouldn’t need to be doing so. Last year, Google put in place a practice that demands websites be mobile friendly and if they’re not, they get penalized with regard to their search engine ranking. Nowadays, probably more than half of web surfers view sites on their mobile device, so it’s imperative that yours looks good on all platforms. In addition, older sites might be built using Flash. This was a great technology about 10 years ago, but Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.) are not compatible with Flash. So when someone visits your Flash site on their Apple device, they get a blank screen or an error message.

DigitalEffex / Virtual Key Solution: We create new websites only using Responsive Designs. This means that while the site will look good on a computer screen, it will also look great on a mobile device. We also refrain from using Flash so that your site is guaranteed to work across the board and look great at the same time using the “old school” way, the computer.


  1. Your company has grown.

This is a great reason to redesign. If your company or brand is expanding, your site needs to be able to grow with it.

DigitalEffex / Virtual Key Solution: We build new sites that are open-ended in that you can start small if that’s all your budget can handle, but we can easily expand the site whenever you’re ready, by adding additional pages, content, features, videos, pictures, maps, newsletters, and more. This way, your basic starting site (which is usually covered by our Intro Design Package), can grow to be more interactive when you’re ready to take that next step.


If you’re looking for a new website design or a redesign of your outdated site, please contact us for a free quote. We’d be happy to give you a consultation and to bring your website into 2016!